Food and our carbon footprint

There will be a ‘tea party’ at The Courtyard Room, Winton House, The High  Street, Petersfield starting at 10am Saturday 11th March.  The intention is to discuss ‘Food’, whether it’s growing your own, supporting local growers, preventing food waste, composting etc, all with the intention of reducing our carbon footprint.  I am sending you this invite as you were interested in the food topic at the film showing of ‘Tomorrow’.  Please come along with any ideas you would like to discuss, please encourage children to come along too with their ideas, especially of what they would like to grow and where, in school, in parks, in town?    Or just come along to listen, drink tea and eat cake.  We will have members of the Petersfield Community Garden to tell us about their achievements for starters, and if there is any related subject that you’d like to talk about during the morning you will be very welcome.  Hopefully we will leave inspired with plans to get more involved with our community.

Everyone welcome.