Transition Petersfield?

Help make Petersfield a Transition Town for a more sustainable future

Monday, 13 February 2017 By Post in Local People

A GREEN vision for Petersfield has been unveiled by environmental campaigner Julie Yardley who wants to set up a Transition Town here.

Transition Petersfield would join a network of more than 1,000 Transition Town communities in the UK and around the world working towards a more sustainable future.

A Petersfield Pound, which would be used as an alternative currency to help businesses in the town, is one idea.

Julie, who helped launch Petersfield Community Energy last year, said unless action was taken the town would suffer.

“The outlook for Petersfield in the future doesn’t appear to be sustainable – losing important community assets such as the Post Office, Jobcentre, police station and care home while planning to build hundreds of houses over the next few years conjures up a bleak image,” she said.

“The loss of local bus routes too, a lack of cycle and mobility scooter paths and increasing parking problems have dire implications for the future of our town and its community.”

A radical approach to energy, transport, food and more was needed to address climate destruction and economic instability. The Transition Towns movement was all about bringing the community together on environmental projects. The petition to save the trees in The Square last year was a great example of this.

Julie would like to see solar panels installed on council buildings, car parks and social housing, an electric minibus service, good food destined for landfill redistributed as Winton House currently does, a regular eco cinema and council housing.

With Petersfield Community Energy she has been active in the ‘Close the Door’ campaign for shops, and a community co-operative solar scheme is being discussed.

Julie urges anyone interested in a Transition Petersfield to attend the environmental film Tomorrow (Demain) at St Peter’s Hall, St Peter’s Road, on Saturday, February 18, at 7pm. She will take down contact details then. Or e-mail here at [email protected]/* */